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Ptv Sports HD New Frequency on Paksat-1R 2021

Ptv Sports hd frequency

Ptv Sports HD New Frequency on Paksat-1R 2021

First, PTV sports was launched in sd video quality. A few weeks ago, PTV Home was launched in hd quality. Now, Officials has started PTV Sports Hd in hd quality. PTV News was also started in hd video quality. Now, PTV Sports hd is started in hd format. PTV Sports hd is a Government channel. This channel will telecast ICC Cricket WorldCup 2021. You can watch ICC Cricket WorldCup 2021 in HD video quality on PTV Sports hd. You can tune new frequency of PTV Sports hd by following this frequency.


Ptv Sports HD New Frequency

Channel Name : PTV Sports HD

Satellite Name : Paksat-1R

Direction : @38.0° East

Frequency : 4052

Symbol Rate : 5800

Polarity : Vertical

Picture Quality : MPEG-4 HD (720×576)

Encryption : No

Package : No

Status : FTA



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