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PUBG Mobile Time Limited Free UC New Update 2021

PUBG Mobile Time Limited Free UC New Update 2021

PUBG Mobile and BGMI are two of the most famous just as most played versatile fight royale games both in India and around the world. The games are very engaging for the players because of their dynamic ongoing interaction style. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of different angles that make the games really intriguing.

One of these viewpoints is the selective occasions that PUBG Mobile and BGMI get. Today at around 7:30 AM IST, both the games saw a few new occasions in the ‘Occasion’ segment. The occasion is offering in excess of 1000 UCs to players for nothing.

This article clarifies the interaction and depicts the Limited UC Store PUBG Mobile and BGMI occasion for players.

Restricted UC Store PUBG Mobile and BGMI – How to get free UCs?

The free UCs are accessible in the ‘Suggested’ segment. There are an aggregate of 2900 UCs accessible for players to play specific missions and guarantee them for nothing. The rundown of occasions from where players can guarantee the UCs are recorded underneath:

Group Up:

Complete 10 matches while in a gathering with companions for 100 UC (2021/11/09 – 2022/01/08)

Kill 30 foes in Classic mode and get 100 UC (2021/11/09 – 2022/01/08)

Stay on the web (120 minutes) and get 600 UCs (2021/11/11 – 2021/11/12)

Finish in the best 10 ten times to win 100 UCs (2021/11/09 – 2022/01/08)

Login sequentially for 30 days to gather 2100 UCs (2021/11/09 – 2022/01/08)

As recently expressed there are more than 2000 UCs for players to guarantee from these occasions. The occasions have begun from today i.e., from November 11, and will end on January 8, 2022.



Notwithstanding, players should remember that the UCs are Epic UCs and not mythic ones. This implies players can just purchase uncommon things that will come in the ‘Restricted Store’ (Temporary occasion store) with the restricted UCs procured in the occasions. Players can’t buy Royale Pass or different things by means of those restricted UCs.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI are famous fight royale titles from the place of Krafton. The game offers a top tier and top notch endurance experience with HD quality designs and stunning elements.

As of late, designers have delivered a spic and span occasion with another money to the players in the titles. The money is called Limited UC, which is like one more in-game cash. Players can gather the cash by finishing some in-game missions in the occasions segment.


Get free UC in BGMI and PUBG Mobile this week

Players playing PUBG Mobile and BGMI can make up for themselves with a new in-game money called restricted UC. After tapping on the money, players will see a message referencing ‘Must be utilized in the restricted UC store.’

There is no information on when players will utilize the new UC cash in the restricted UC store. The restricted UC will lapse on January 10, 2022. It implies players should burn through all of their restricted UCs to reclaim things from the store. It will assist them with getting some fabulous in-game things and not squander the money.

Players will get up to 3000 restricted UC admittance to their records by finishing in-game occasions. These occasions incorporate straightforward missions, such as getting a given measure of kills and arriving on the given area to get free restricted UC.

PUBG Mobile Unlimited Free UC New Update 2021

Group Up occasion:

Complete 10 matches while in a gathering with companions: 100 Limited UC

Positioned Challenge:

  • Finish in the Top 10 times: 100 Limited UC
  • Kill foes and get restricted UC:
  • Kill 30 foes in Classic mode: 100 Limited UC

Login and get restricted UC:

  • Login 1 day: 100 Limited UC
  • Login 3 days: 200 Limited UC
  • Login 5 days: 200 Limited UC
  • Login 10 days: 300 Limited UC
  • Login 20 days: 500 Limited UC
  • Login 30 days: 800 Limited UC

Stay on the web and get restricted UC:

  • Stay online for an hour on 11/11: 100 Limited UC
  • Stay online for an hour and a half on 11/11: 200 Limited UC
  • Stay online for 120 minutes on 11/11: 300 Limited UC

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