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Rain falls Greenland ice sheet summit for first time on record

In Greenland, rainfall has occurred at the highest point on the ice sheet for the first time in recorded history.

Scientists have warned that this is another worrying sign of the rapid global warming. Last week, rain fell for several hours at over 3,000 meter summit of Greenland’s ice sheet. Scientists say that it is an unprecedented occurrence for a location that rarely sees temperatures above freezing in less than a decade. The temperature at the ice cap has gone unusually high.

There in the past because generally speaking it never gets above freezing at that latitude that close to the pole at that altitude. It’s cold even in the summertime. The rain and high temperatures triggered extensive melting across the Island which suffered a surface. ice mass loss raise temperatures a couple degrees in the mid-latitudes. It’s something we don’t maybe notice even. But raising it from one degree below freezing to one degree above freezing is the difference.


If you’re in the arctic ocean it’s a difference between ice skating and swimming and so that’s where we see these small changes can have bigger effects. They’re an indicator of the bigger effects that we’re starting to see. Now more and more in the mid-latitudes things. Like more fires, more heat waves, more extreme weather rising global temperatures. Driven by climate change have made extreme weather events more common Greenland experienced a massive melting event in late July. Enough ice melted in a single day to cover the U.S state of Florida in two inches of water.

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