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Realme GT Master Edition 5G Review

Real me launched its GT flagship smartphone earlier in 2021 but then it’s clearly realized hang on just the one flagship smartphone who does that anymore and so it’s pumped out two more GT branded handsets the gt master edition and the master explorer.


The master edition right still serves up some pretty solid specs including a samsung super amoled display got 65 watts super dart charge all that good stuff but some of the other hardware bits have been trimmed back in order to ease things financially so although it is called the realme gt master edition what they actually mean is the not quite as good edition but it’s also a bit cheaper so hooray for that but enough.


it’s got an interesting little pattern on it that’s apparently inspired by the design of suitcases remember suitcases and holidays ah those were nice and that’s your lot in the box there so now it’s time to check out the real me gt master edition now you’ve got a choice of designs when it comes to the realme gt master edition you can pick it up with a glass backing inspired pattern action on the back there and certainly gives the smartphone a very unique aesthetic and also helps with the grip as well so double win it is still quite a hard texture it doesn’t add a soft touch finish to the master edition but it’s definitely a lot less slippery than glass.
realme handset is a 6.43 incher as well so it’s not particularly massive compared with a lot of smartphones in 2021 still a bit of a handful but not too terrible and it weighs in 174 grams so not particularly hefty either so quite a clean design overall and let’s check out that sim tray as well and see what that’s all about and what you have here is space for a pair of sims simultaneously but there’s no micro sd memory card slot so you can’t expand the onboard storage.


The realme gt master edition sports cab of android 11 action of course but you’ve got the real me ui 2.0 slathered on top of that it’s quite a hefty launcher but thankfully you do get features like the apps tray the ability to drag down the notifications bar all the usual stuff so it’s not removing any of those essential features that we really like and thankfully you’ve got full customization as well.
The realme gt master edition so let’s change that up you can change pretty much everything through the grid layout the icons the transitions and if you just dive into wallpaper you do actually have quite a lot of more colorful efforts on here but of course good bit of nerdy anime action there you go much better eventually you’ve got even more customization options if you dive into the personalization section in the settings menu you’ve got plenty of stuff you can play around with including the fingerprint animations you can get a variety of different weird and wonderful styles on the go and because the real me gt master edition sports an oled screen you’ve also got an eclectic selection of always-on displays that you can choose from lots of digital clocks analog clocks and just weird randomness take your passion to the extreme we would say it kind of depends on what your passion is exactly.


About that always on display including the text color the alignment the size of it and exactly what info will appear on there and really do like the edge lighting feature as well this basically acts like a notifications light when anything pops in demanding your attention it does work better with curved displays we have found which obviously you don’t get on the realme gt master edition but as usual you can change up the color and it looks very vibrant and nice a real miui also serves up the usual range of gestures and motion controls as well so for instance you can raise to wake you can swipe with three fingers to take a screenshot and even though the gt master edition isn’t exactly a whopper of a smartphone you do have some helpful one-handed features like a proper one-handed mode and you can also drag all those app icons down towards the bottom edge of the screen just by sort of swiping up and in like so which makes it nice and easy to select something and the gt master edition has that in display fingerprint sensor which so far touch one seems very responsive nor hanging about and that’s backed by a bit of face recognition as well.



The master edition smartphone boasts a whopping 256 gigs of internal storage as well so you can go completely nuts downloading apps and whatever else your twisted little heart desires but if you ever do actually manage to fill it up somehow well there’s no way of expanding it via microsd that 6.43 inch super amoled display is crafted by samsung so you know it’s gonna be a good one doesn’t seem to be the poppiest and punchiest out there that we’ve tested recently even though it is set to vivid colors by default you can of course dial that back for more gentle hues if you prefer you do have video features tucked away in the settings which can apparently boost the colors when playing video and also boost the brightness when playing hdr videos as well although to be honest doesn’t really make a massive difference certainly not to knack at all peepers it’s a full hd plus resolution had absolutely no problem with the visuals on that front nice and crisp plenty of detail packed in there as well because it’s an all-ed panel on the realme gt master edition you get nice deep dark blacks and quite crisp clean whites as well sadly no hdr streaming supporting likes on netflix to speak of though in the display settings you’ve got the usual eye comfort modes and everything as well and if you head to more as well you can tinker with the screen refresh rate this is set to auto select by default.


so that’ll change the refresh rate automatically on your behalf it’ll bump it up whenever you’re using a supported app for instance otherwise you can just stick it on high 120 hertz refresh full time unfortunately on the audio front it is just a mono speaker on the realme  gt master edition just that bottom firing one no stereo speaker set up but is the audio actually any good let’s find out we’ve got to say that rough and tumble design means that the xor20 is an absolute brick we’re talking chunky heavy and frankly sometimes struggled to sit comfortably when it was stuffed in shorts so pretty bloody loud on that top of volume but the clarity isn’t amazing so definitely if you want to be relaxed and really enjoying the audio whether you’re kicking back with a bit of youtube music or whatever definitely want to plug in some headphones you’ve got a wired headphone jack down at the bottom otherwise all the usual bluetooth support if you want to go wireless so now let’s chat performance and the realme gt master edition is powered by the snapdragon 778g chipset backed by eight gigs of ram.

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