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Richard Donner Dies he was 91 year

Variety Richard Donner Dies: 'Superman,' 'The Goonies' Director Was 9

The man who in the late 70s made the world believe that yes a man can fly and who in the early 2000s would go on to revolutionize marvel comics on film as a producer, Richard donner who has unfortunately passed away at the age of 91.


Variety Richard Donner Dies: 'Superman,' 'The Goonies' Director Was 9

 Richard Donner, 1982, (c) Columbia/courtesy Variety

There is no arguing that superman the movie is the film that literally changed the game for what it means to be a blockbuster comic book film that’s taken seriously prior to that people weren’t really looking at the comic book characters as something that’s serious.
it was more your adam west it was more of a joke Richard donner with his take his iconic take on superman would go to prove that you can take this character. You can bring him to life you can make people believe that this character exists entire generations even kids born decades after that like ourselves we realize what that Richard Donner did for superman what it did for comic book movies. We remember the first time superman 1 and seeing the scene where he’s running by the train and just being blown away because super speed we never thought that that was like a thing until. superman one at such a young age and we can tell superman’s influence on everything today superman 2 as well. Their classics and donner throughout his years would go on to help and be a part of tons of franchises lethal weapon. What more needs to be said about a lethal weapon it literally is like the blueprint for the buddy cop franchise and he was the executive producer of X-men he saw the potential there and he was the one that got our assured donner and Kevin all together with this film because he believed in the ax-men being a big thing, mean it’s hard to talk about this because when we look back on it how much he’s done that we personally love and how much he changed the industry and people forget you know because he hasn’t been quote unquote relevant for the last 15 years or whatever because of his age.

Obviously not doing these types of films all you have to do is look back at the legacy of the things he touched and realize how much is there how much he did and how much his influence is everywhere.
Today it is truly astonishing and one of if not in the top five best careers and memories and history in hollywood bar none mean this guy defined generation after generation and set the blueprint for so many franchises today that truly a pioneer in what he was doing way ahead of his time a guy that understood the camera how to work miniatures how to do special effects all of it and most important how to deliver heart when you needed it rest in peace richard donner.


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