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Russia was responsible for Litvinenko killing, European court rules

The European court of human rights has ruled that Russia is indeed responsible for the 2006 killing of Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko the former spy died while in exile in London after drinking tea laced with Polonium that’s a radioactive substance. The court found that two Russian citizens carried out that killing. It also concluded that the attack at a London hotel was directed by Russian authorities.


Alexander Litvinenko was a former guy. He worked for Russia’s fsb security services and he became a bit of a whistleblower who called out the fsb on what he said, was being part of a mafia state. He then fled to London where he got asylum and started working as a writer and also as a consultant for the British intelligence services. So from the Russian point of view he essentially switched sides and then he was killed in 2006. Essentially people say for being a vocal kremlin critic in his time in London. As well and that was a huge scandal that has weighed on UK, Russian relations ever since berget in London. Lithuanian lived in the UK and was murdered there.


The UK government and the UK inquiry has already concluded basically the same. It was a public led inquiry and came to the conclusion that probably. President Putin had personally approved of the murder of Alexandre Litvinenko and this has strained UK, Russia relations ever since it had sent huge shock waves through the UK and became basically a symbol of the brutality of the russia under president Putin. Now Alexander Litvinyenko’s widow Marina is the person who was behind the inquiry. she fought long and hard for this to take place in the UK and she was also the one who has brought the court case in Europe. She knows that unlikely that anyone is going to be arrested within Russia. But her aim is basically to keep the pressure on Russia and and to basically continue to clear her husband’s name and she has told that she’s very happy about the outcome.


These accusations against Russia were unfounded and that essentially this new ruling provided no new proof against Russia and not enough proof to link the Russian authorities to this murder this killing at all and that is essentially. The position that they have seen all along from Russia. Russia has always denied that Russian authorities were behind the killing of Alexander and they have even seen kind of a defiance.

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