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Russian Missing Plane Crashed into sea

plan crashed

plan crashed

A plane carrying almost 28 people has gone missing in far eastern russia local media report.
The turbo prop plane lost contact with air traffic control while trying to land near the kamchatka peninsula.
Emergency response teams believe they found some wreckage in the sea. A tragic update to a developing story that they have been following¬† there are reportedly no survivors of a plane crash in russia’s far eastern kamchatka region. The aircraft is believed to have been carrying 28 people including two children initial reports suggest that it hit mountainous terrain during low visibility the operating company says that the an-26 aircraft in service since 1982 did not have any technical issues reported before the flight now the aircraft had been on route from the regional capital to the town of polana the mayor of which is said to have been on board but air traffic controllers lost contact as the plane was preparing to land russia’s prime minister has ordered an investigation.

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