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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Review

Samsung’s galaxy a52 was a huge success and building upon it the company just launched the galaxy a52s 5g the phone is available in two configurations the base 6 gb ram plus 128 gb variant that goes for some 36000 rupees in india whereas the 8gb ram plus 128 gb version which cost 37499.

looking at those numbers it’s pretty easy to conclude that the a52s 5g is priced a bit higher than it should have technically this phone’s ideal pricing territory is around what the oneplus note 2 and the poco f3 gt retail for but to keep things interesting samsung is offering a flat 3000 rupees cashback when purchasing the phone via hdfc bank card in india which sounds like a pretty fair deal here in nepal galaxy a52s 5g is expected to launch at a much lower price and will be competing head to head against the note 2.

anyway considering its specs this phone seems like a pretty balanced offering usually we know that samsung’s a series of devices compromise on the performance aspect but not this time samsung has offered quite the powerful snapdragon 778g 5g chipset which competes directly against mediatek’s flagship dimension 1200 and is only slightly less powerful than the snapdragon 870.
even during my brief time with the phone i have found the performance on this thing to be quite good which is all thanks to samsung’s excellent one ui optimization this paired with the powerful hardware underneath delivers fluid ui transitions fast app opening times and smooth performance that is further complemented by the 120 hertz refresh rate with the new processor gaming is another aspect that has seen a significant improvement now games like pubg mobile  run at hdr graphics and ultra frame rates at max while it can hit extreme frame rates when setting the graphics to smooth as well similarly call of duty caps out at very high graphics at very high frame rates although you can push it to max frame rates if you dial down the graphics to high thus as compared to the standard galaxy a52 the a52s 5g definitely looks more promising for the gamers out there still in all it would have been better if samsung had offered a 360hz sampling rate as this has become the standard for premium mid-range phones of 2021.


as things stand the galaxy a52s 5g only has a 240hz sampling rate which is nothing exceptional regardless the company has taken comparatively big strides in terms of 5g bands as the phone supports 12 of them in total the only brand that provides that many 5g bands in a similar price range is realme except for these two most other companies settle with one or two 5g bands only so that’s a job well done by samsung in terms of future proofing the phone okay moving on its design remains the same as that of the last gen galaxy a52 samsung deciding to continue with that is the right move in opinion the galaxy a52s is lightweight it’s compact and feels good if not premium on the hands in terms of color options you get four choices for the galaxy a52s 5g that includes awesome black awesome violet awesome white and awesome mint the latter of which is not available in the indian market for now regardless the phone sports gorilla glass 5 protection on the front and samsung is also offering ip67 dust and water resistance.


it’s important to note that no other brand in this very price segment offers this level of ingress protection also ip67 rating is almost as good as ip68 protection and only lags behind slightly likewise samsung has been thoughtful enough to keep the headphone jack alive with the galaxy 52s 5g up front you get a 6.5 inches full hd super amoled infinity o display with a 120 hertz refresh rate which is a significant upgrade over the 90 hertz panel on the standard a52 as expected this is an excellent display with great colors and balance contrast and sufficient brightness for outdoor conditions and just like its predecessor this display is complemented by a set of stereo speakers too but unfortunately there is no hdr playback support on netflix as of yet but i hope the company uh brings that via a software update soon now talking about the galaxy a52s camera this is where you can expect good output from this phone.


we’ve seen how phones like the poco f3 gt and oneplus note 2 and even the real me gt didn’t offer excellent camera experience but with my brief time with this phone what can definitely say is that this phone has pretty good cameras the a52s comes with a familiar quad camera setup that consists of a 64 megapixel primary camera with ois a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a couple of 5 megapixel sensors for macro and portrait shots we managed to go photos they have that classic samsung touch with vibrant and punchy colors additionally thanks to ois the images are able to maintain good sharpness even under low lighting conditions.

the a52s can process human subjects better than say the oneplus note 2 and hence the  portrait shots are usually better on the galaxy a52s even the ultra wide angle shots from the phone are wider with good dynamic range and details than the north too in the videography department samsung is offering up to 4k 30 fps from both the normal and ultra wide angle lens further supported by gyro eis for stabilization besides that you can shoot 1080p 60 and 30fps videos with good stabilization and colors while even from the front camera you can shoot up to 4k 30fps footages for the battery things remain the same as you get a modis 4500 milliamp hour cell.

the phone supports 25 watt fast charging and this time samsung is generously providing a compatible 25 watt fast charger inside the box okay so that was all for my short impressions with the all-new samsung galaxy a52 s5g it definitely is an exciting mid-range device from samsung that finally does not compromise on the performance front as for the pricing like mentioned earlier the price could have been even more aggressive and it would have been better if the company had skipped the 6gb base variant altogether and launched the 8gb version for maybe less than 35000 indian rupees regardless the a52s does offer some flagship features at this price point like ip67 rating three years of firmware updates and optical image stabilization in its main cameras which we usually don’t get to see on mid-range phones

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