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Samsung Galaxy A73

Samsung is bringing some huge changes to the galaxy s2 lineup but we also have some big surprises for the next galaxy a series in order to be the best and offer something that no other brand is offering samsung has officially joined the team red and for the very first time they’re bringing the amd bloodline to their galaxy devices.


The next galaxy series in 2022 could be incredibly powerful thanks to the amd graphics the amd rdna based exynos processor will come to entire galaxy a lineup apparently samsung will have multiple configuration of the amd gpu depending on the model and the series so it can go from 2cu to 4cu and maxing out at 60u for the galaxy s22 lineup this is actually the gpu clock speed so we have 1 gigahertz 1.4 all the way up to 1.84 gigahertz for the 6 cu configuration.

If samsung actually pulls this off it’s going to be absolutely amazing if you look at the current galaxy series the a52 and the a72 the weakest point opinion is definitely the processor so this is much needed and apparently these new exynos amd chip for mid rangers will be using the cortex a78 architecture hence there won’t be any thermal throttling issues imagine having crazy gaming performance on galaxy a series phones and this is something that will definitely going to set samsung apart from the competition now for the galaxy s32 series we have good news as well regarding the performance so based on the very latest testing the heat situation is a lot more under control according to the leak we have much better numbers in the peak stage and just for reference the amd processor can go all the way up to 40 frames per second in its peak stage when benchmarking on aztec high which is something that the exynos 2100 cannot do it can’t even go beyond 30 fps so 40 fps  on amd chip without thralling.


it’s actually a big big difference now this is very important not all galaxy s22 models will get exynos 2200 processor according to the info coming from the source which is actually not finally decided currently it is expected that the north america will get snapdragon processor but strangely the us carrier verizon is asking for exodus to be installed on their model so because of the amd hype they’re probably asking samsung for this particular model now source further says that korea hong kong and china could utilize snapdragon processor whereas china telecom is again a negotiation for the exynos model so this is again a little bit weird that these heli communication services are asking for the exodus model exclusively another weird thing is that southeast asia and india could also get snapdragon chip which is like weird because we usually get x in this processor now all this could be because of the production yield issues that samsung is currently facing for the exynos 2200


now as the source mentioned that nothing has been finalized they’re still taking decisions and we’re still a month away from the mass production of the s22 lineup so we’ll eventually see what markets will get snapdragon and what markets will get the exynos 2200 processor now last but not the least one of the big things samsung did this year was bringing optical image stabilization to its galaxy a series we’ve seen it with galaxy a52 a72 and recently with samsung’s super budget phone the galaxy a22 and now according to south korean media next year samsung will bring optical image stabilization on all galaxy a series phone this is actually a huge news because a lot of brands actually skip on this feature in order to save cost and in my opinion it’s one of the most important features for a phone to have for better stabilization in videos photos and especially for the night mode we all know that samsung probably have big plans for next year’s galaxy z series and we still don’t know what’s going to happen with the note series but one thing is sure that the traditional samsung phones the galaxy a series the galaxy s series they’re about to get some serious amd performance boost.

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