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Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra

Samsung took a risk and it seems like it was worth it things have been a roller coaster for samsung this year this was probably the most important year for samsung because they took some big risks they put all their efforts with the new galaxy z series and seems like it was all worth.

it as we talked about already the sales have been going insane the z series in its current stage is doing far better than the s21 ultra and note 20 ultra reports are saying that it probably even exceeded samsung’s own expectations because of the successful launch there’s been a lot of questions and debate regarding the launch of next galaxy note series which is going to be the note 22 lineup according to a new video from samsung which was uploaded on their south korean youtube channel in this video for some reason samsung kept calling the full 3 as note z it  definitely raised some concerns for those who are waiting for the note comeback.

The video was later taken down for some reason now this is it for the node series but the way things are going it makes sense for samsung to keep expanding on the four series especially when it comes to the business keep in mind that the majority of sales are for the galaxy z flip 3 and next year samsung is likely to introduce the s-pen for the z-flip 4 and since the flips have always used the main camera sensor from the s series it is very possible that it could rock the same 50 megapixel rgbw sensor of the galaxy s22 along with that possibly amd or snapdragon 898 chip.

So considering all flagship phones getting the s-pen support next year what does it mean for the note series whatever samsung decides we think they need to make a public statement so that people are not waiting on a false hope let us know what you think about all this in the comment section below now next year samsung could introduce a slidable screen phone that actually looks a lot like a note phone in their official patents with integrated s-pen it could potentially be the next phone to continue the note’s legacy also in the news we may have the official launch date for the galaxy s21 fe according to the leaks the s21 fe might get officially launched on september.


a we already know about the features and the design the only thing that we concerned about is the pricing hopefully samsung can shock the world imagine if they bring the s21 fe at 600 it would be absolutely crazy now last but not the least we have some information regarding the current state of under display camera according to ice universe most flashy phones in 2022 will still utilize a hole punch setup the reason for this is that the under display camera cannot achieve 500 pixel per inch transparency so it’s definitely not going to be as good as a traditional smartphone front camera this is in line with what we have already heard regarding the s22 ultra’s under display camera situation so very likely samsung will be sticking to a punch hole setup.

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