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Samsung Galaxy S22 – AMD DESTROYS Apple Again

Samsung amd destroys apple a14 once again so galaxy s22 is back in the news the next big beast lineup is in full speed preparation for the first time in history amd is making a mobile gpu for the galaxy s3 lineup you guys may remember these scores from a while back and well the same source actually came out with some new numbers this time with amd’s beta driver installed with gpu clocked at 1.3 gigahertz.


The benchmark numbers have dipped a little bit compared to the initial league but it is still miles ahead of apple a14 total destruction once again once again pretty big difference compared to apple’s current best the a14 chip now a15 is coming and it’s not going to be a huge jump from apple a14 it’s gonna have the same amount of cores so in opinion we don’t think there’s been a better time for samsung to truly surpass apple at least in gpu performance all thanks to the power of amd now speaking of performance amd gpu is going strong it has a very high clock speed but with great power comes great responsibility.


That is managing heat and thermals so in order  to minimize the thermal throttling samsung’s mobile xs team asked for vapor cooling chamber on the galaxy s3 lineup but turns out samsung might not do it in order to save cost on the s22 series according to korean media the decision is not final yet ultimately will decide what they will do whether to put vapor cooling on the s22 or just do the same thing that they have done with the s21 lineup which is a bit concerning considering we have a really high clock speed for the amd graphics hopefully samsung won’t take any shortcuts when it  comes to performance.

Samsung has already downgraded the series in some ways such as not having the sd card or having a full hd plus display some slight design compromises so once again really hope that samsung don’t cut any corners short when it comes to the performance now last but not the least a pretty hot samsung flagship phone is coming and it’s gonna be a pretty good challenge to the iphone 13 lineup and that phone is the galaxy s21 fe we actually have some confirmed specs coming by a google play console listing and it’s actually samsung’s first smartphone ever to have a snapdragon triple a chip with 6 gigs of ram there will be a 8 gigabyte of ram version as well.
considering we have 6 gb ram on the base model samsung might actually shock everyone with the pricing of the s21 fe again we’ll see what eventually happened.

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1 Comment

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