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Security Briefing To Lawmakers : Pakistan


A briefing given by the army to legislators from the political opposition the briefing touched upon the evolving security situation and threats in the region especially in Afghanistan which seems headed for either a total victory for the advancing taliban was swaths of territory controlled by different groups including the current government and its troops fighting for control.


The three most important points of the briefing were Pakistan has tried  everythingt convince the Afghan taliban to work out a peace and power sharing deal with the Kabul government but they have refused to do that afghan taliban and pakistani terrorist group TTP share the same ideology and objectives president ashraf ghani’s government is fully aware of pakistan’s efforts but continues to take an anti-pakistan position which is exacerbating the situation there’s a real threat that taliban will capture kabul with force.

Pakistan Is not giving basis to the united states but it is using a corridors as per a previous agreement our relations with China take precedence despite the U.S pressure we want to have good relations with both as should be obvious the first three points are vital especially the one about afghan taliban and the terrorist TTP. The Emerging threats and whether pakistan is prepared or is preparing itself to counter them.

From Pakistan perspective that’s a very important one the sort that the similarity and ideology and objectives of the afghan taliban as also the terrorist GTP. Amongst the most important things that happened was. The fact that there was a briefing and such briefings are always important it wasn’t camera but of the things that came out including the summary that they gave it also constituted not just a briefing to the Pakistan parliament but in some ways a articulation of how pakistan security apparatus is viewing this fast-growing and extremely troubling crisis so that in itself about separate from the substance of of the briefing the happening of the briefing the event itself was of political importance in pakistan.

The narrative importance to the rest of the world the key message in some ways is this sort of growing sense that Pakistan is seen to be too close to the taliban despite Pakistan trying to say that it is distance and there are there are good reasons for that which are historical there are the reasons for that are geographical and this very very strong distancing from the taliban a in terms of how much influence or leverage Pakistan may actually have on the taliban by virtue of the fact that some of the families of the leaders may be living in parts of Pakistan.

The important point with reference to the similarity and ideology and objectives of tdp and Afghan Taliban it’s it this is important and it’s actually a positive sign that it is now being acknowledged because as we know in years past there’s been the narrative of good and versus bad taliban the good being the ones who fight in Afghanistan and are under the influence of the Pakistan and the versus the taliban the TTP who fight in pakistan try to topple the Pakistani state have links to Al-qaeda.

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1 Comment

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