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South Africa riots: What are the riots in South Africa about

South african president Cyril Ramaphosa says,” The widespread looting in violence that erupted last friday was premeditated he was visiting the kwazulu-natal province for the first time since the riots began.


More than 110 people have been killed and 2000 arrested in the country’s worst unrest in decades.
Days of protest have disrupted supply chains and led to food and fuel shortages in kwazulu-natal.
Hundreds of supermarkets small businesses and factories have been looted and set ablaze.
The health department says, it’s been forced to temporarily close some vaccination centers the unrest began when former president Jacob zuma was jailed for contempt of court. But analysts say it was fueled by anger over poverty and unemployment that have worsened during the covid19.

Pandemic authorities say they’ve identified 12 suspects behind the riots and president ramaphosa as vowed to end the mayhem to help unpack this.

The unprecedented scale of violence and looting that witnessed in two of south africa’s largest provinces.
The violence were triggered by instabilities within the ruling party the African National congress.
The root cause of this, the tension that continued to exist within the party between the two main factions one led by Mr zuma and his allies.

Mr Ramaphosa as well who is battling to win control of the party from those that used to support president Jacob zuma. It was triggered by that scaffold by that tension with mr zuma’s incarceration however the level at which this escalated beyond durban going into halting in some pockets of the third province in Mpumalanga although not to a greater intensity there.
it’s about the situation on the ground in South africa the level of political disenchantment coupled with just the decline of legitimacy of the ruling political elites in south africa within.

The ruling principles who are unable to reign in to convince or persuade the greater masses to desist from that it is a broken politics that is actually brought us where we are is that a wake up call for south africa and what are the realities that both leaders and the people need to face it is quite a breaking point.
But there is also an opportunity here because south africans say the brother a voting population trusted the ANC and for the problem that originated from the skimmishes within the ANC to get to this point and affect the nation in this manner it is going to get south african to reflect about the future that they might want to build.

That reflecting on that feature will certainly affect the Nc’s domination in the society the view that an opportunity exists for South africans maybe to imagine the political future where the ANC is not a dominant force of course the part will only medium term remain quite a party that continues to be in government.

The domination the way in which the party used to drive the narratives in the past the way in which it captured the imagination of south african this glaring failure within get south africans even losing more hope in this party so it it’s a crisis but there is a possibility that it might drive measure realignment political.
Realignment in the country with the NC no longer that dominion force previously said the unrest is not just a political issue or security issue but an economic one too what can be done to address what you call the dehumanizing effect of poverty that was quite the point indeed because it’s very easy for the nation.

Especially quite easy for analysts quite easy for politicians to easily castigate those that are participating in this and easily declare them belligerent.
South africans who are just out of order that is not the point as far as there is just this underlying socio-economic condition that cannot be allowed to continue so in order to de-escalate the social economic condition they really need government that is more focused less corrupt and government that actually can address the needs of the people.
The routine and the people who participated in this they come from areas that are not areas that one has a dignity they come from areas where if one is caught on television footages looting it’s not the worst thing that could happen the dehumanizing effect that talking about so in a long run south africans are going to realize that they are just cannot continue with this parallel world the other world doing well and the other world being in this koala need to actually get rid of opportunities for this kind of disenchantment in the society finally before likely to see more unrest in the future.

There will always be opportunities even before this pockets of unrest here and there 2008 some protests that took the shape of xenophobic violence and the best way to deal with this is to build a more inclusive political system not the one that just represent people but the one that is sensitive that is inclusive.

if you don’t do that if people don’t feel the system represent them they will engage with the system in the manner that you have seen in the past few days in the country and of course to be able to close the huge wealth gap between the 1 and the 90-something percent in South africa.

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