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South Korea Battles with its worst covid-19 Surges

South korea is battling its worst ever wave of covid-19 infections

The highest restrictions have been extended in the capital seoul and beyond. But worrying clusters are emerging in other regions. Experts are blaming public fatigue slow vaccination rollout and the delta variant how did south korea go from pandemic success story to country in crisis.

Image : US NEWS

Strict lockdowns bring case numbers down the lockdown’s end and numbers are going up again. South korea is just going through this vicious circle trying to break it without destroying people’s livelihoods and hopes south korea is now battling the fourth wave of the covid-19 pandemic with new daily cases hovering over 1500 for the past two weeks. The government extended its highest level restrictions for the capital and expanded limits across the country.

Early in the covid-19 pandemic south korea’s strategy of intensive testing contact tracing and quarantining drew widespread praise for containing the spread of the virus. But now as the number of new daily cases reaches record highs here. South korea’s social distancing guidelines its limited lockdown measures face growing criticism.

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1 Comment

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