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Storm, flooding wreak Havoc in U.S Maxico

10 people have died while dozens others are missing after flash floods hit the Eastern American State of Tennessee.


In Tennessee, 430 millimeters of record shattering rainfall in less than a day wash away homes and rural roads. Authorities say the rescue and search services are being hindered amid power outages all over the area. Meanwhile Hurricane Henry is tracking towards the country’s northeast and is likely to make landfall today in the areas of Southern new.


England parts of the region have started feeling first impacts like heavy rain. As the storm barrels closer to the region over in Mexico severe flooding and landslides has killed eight people after Hurricane Grace battered the country’s Eastern Coast. The category 3 Hurricane whipped up maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. As it slammed into the coast authorities say the storm has resulted in torrential rains severe flooding and mudslides.

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1 Comment

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