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More then 100 Of students missing after gunman raid Nigerian school

More than one hundred kids have gone missing once armed men attacked a college in northwest African nation.

Source: UN News

Police says,’ the gunman shot wildly in overpowered security guards at the High school, the missing children are thought to have been kidnapped around 1000 students have been abducted in nigeria since december.

They have kidnapped more than 140 students at a protestant school and they overpowered. The police say that they overpowered the security around this school and then they went ahead and took more than 140 students in that school but before that they also attacked a hospital in the same state of kaduna where they kidnapped health workers and even some patients.

We know that northern nigeria is seeing more and more of these attacks this is the fourth mass school kidnapping in Kaduna state. The last seven months, this part of the country become such a dangerous place for school children well in general in the north the kidnappings are very common because it has become like a sort of business, but what is so special about kaduna state it’s because of the stents of the governor there who said that he’s not going to negotiate with bandits and now they are actually retaliating saying that you know we are going to show you that actually we are capable and we are going to make sure that you come on the table so that we can negotiate he said he can’t pay for ransom but then they insist that they have kidnapped people even kill sometimes they even go ahead and actually kill.

The kidnapped people so that they make a strong statement especially to this governor of kaduna state. Every time there is a school kidnapping in nigeria what is the government doing to stop, well it looks like most of the northern parts of nigeria they have crossed as schools most of schools are not operational anymore that’s one way of actually protecting students now they don’t have education then the government looks like they have run out of options actually to to counter these insurgents or these bandits in the north honestly people are frustrated that the government is not able to protect students or even even farmers.We know what the government is actually doing nothing because this has been happening since december and it’s continuing to grow and the bigger number of students women and children have been kidnapped and some of them are still there in the forest, Only imagine what the children and what their parents must be going through right now.

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