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Tajikistan: Afghan Embassy Removes Ashraf Ghani’s Photo

United states has frozen the assets there at the bank of Afghanistan now The picture the photo the frame of the then afghanistan president Ashraf ghani that has now been taken down and has now been replaced with Amrullah Saleh.

Amrullah Saleh is trying to protect the democratic institution in afghanistan saleh also is protecting the institutions that were built and developed in the last 20 years by America by nato forces and by the world community.
The responsibility really lies on the united states of america and nato and european countries because after 20 years this is not the way that they should have left Afghanistan stranded ordinary common civilians stranded.
The Biden administration to go with this it’s a shame it’s a disgrace that the united states is presiding over this humanitarian disaster and refusing to help.

The united states saying that there is no will when it comes to the military of afghanistan and even the governor the ruling government dispensation that time of Ashraf ghani the political will rather to fight what is being said by ashraf ghani just days before the couple takeover happened he said that he’s going to fight back he’s not going to leave but eventually he run from the country.
Now Ashraf ghani’s pictures that has now been replaced at the afghan embassy there in tajikistan and it has now been replaced by Amrullah Saleh who has now declared himself as the caretaker president of the water nation. We Hope That Afghanistan Will Become Great Country under the Taliban government.

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1 Comment

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