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Taliban ban girls from secondary schools, close women’s ministry

As the Taliban seized control of more and more regions of Afghanistan. Many women and girls began to fear for their futures. The country’s new rulers now no longer allow boys and girls to attend schools together. Secondary schools are also off limits to girls and it’s unclear when or if the Taliban will allow them to return. For now only boys may attend Kabul’s estoqual high school. The doors of secondary schools are now only open to boys and male teachers girls are no longer allowed inside so far. The Taliban have not explicitly invited them back to school.


The situation in Afghanistan is changing but it won’t exist forever once the government structure is established. Girls will go back to school aside. It is still unclear whether the measure is only temporary and secondary girls schools will simply resume operations later since the end of the Taliban’s previous rule in 2001. The literacy rate of women has almost doubled. But it still remains one of the lowest in the world. The education of girls has shaped a generation.


The education of boys may affect a family, but the education of girls affects society. We are very closely following the matter. So, the girls can resume their education and complete their studies only elementary schools like this one in Kabul are open to girls. But classes are held separately according to gender only men teach boys and only women teach girls these girls don’t want Afghanistan’s new rulers to prevent them from writing their own future.

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