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Taliban capture 9th regional capital of Afghanistan


The taliban have captured another three provincial capitals in their advance across afghanistan the insurgent fighters have overrun nine provincial capitals since friday.

Their fears the government is no longer capable of stopping them U.S president joe biden has defended his decision to pull u.s forces from the country saying it’s now up to afghan leaders to come together to find a solution.
Neanwhile the humanitarian crisis on the ground is escalating as thousands of families are forced to flee they can dream of a better future but today they’re seeking refuge in this park tens of thousands of families like theirs have been displaced in Afghanistan’s ongoing fighting and there’s not enough food or other relief material for them.

The displaced people are in a terrible and frustrating situation but the government has not sent a representative to help it appears the government has little to offer them customers call on the international community and international institutions to help as soon as possible to provide food and non-food items to the many people displaced in Afghanistan.

The government is also struggling on the battlefront while its forces still control the majority of provincial capitals over the past week they’ve lost significant ground to the advancing taliban militants and while the fighting is the major concern there are also fears of what life might look like in the new afghanistan as more and more areas come under taliban control the U.N
rights chief is warning of war crimes by the militant group the people of afghanistan are speaking of their deep fears of a return to the worst of the human rights violations of the past women minorities human rights defenders journalists as well as others who are particularly vulnerable need particular protection.

There are very real risks of renewed atrocities against ethnic and religious minorities living conditions were already difficult for many afghans and the situation is only getting worse.
The thing is is that the taliban have been in the neighboring provinces of afghanistan for a very long time they’ve also been in several districts of the province of kabul for a very long time and either because they haven’t made their final attempt yet or because it’s such a big city and it’s going to take so much effort and logistics they still haven’t been able to make it to kabul in all these years or even in the last few weeks when they have been trying to take other major cities.

They tried to take kunduz off they couldn’t do it they tried to take Kunduz they couldn’t do it they tried to take lashkar ga they couldn’t do it and obviously kabul is the ultimate prize for them and it’s the biggest city with the most population the most attention so it’s going to take a lot of effort and organizing on their part to actually try and make it into kabul.

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