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Taliban claim to have seized Panjshir Valley

The Taliban commanders claimed to have seized the Panjshir valley which is the final holdout against group’s control.

But the resistance fighter refuted the claim saying. They are still battling hundreds of Afghan families flee heavy fighting between Taliban fighters and resistance forces for the control of the final holdout province. Earlier the Taliban leaders said that they attacked the valley after attempts for a negotiated settlement failed in Qatar.

The Taliban representatives met Pakistan’s ambassador and deliberated upon bilateral relations. In a tweet Suhail Shaheen said issues related to facilitating. People’s movement at Thorham and Spinbaldic borders were also discussed at thorham and spinbaldic border crossings were also discussed. Meanwhile China said the country is responsible for current Afghan situation should be held accountable.

   At a news conference foreign ministry spokesperson said long lasting peace will be prerequisite to attract investment in the country. U.S secretary of state Anthony Blinken will travel to Qatar and Germany on Sunday to discuss Afghan evacuees in Germany. Lincoln will participate in the ministerial meeting including 20 countries that have a stake in relocating the Afghans.

   Lincoln also said the U.S government was maintaining contact with the Taliban on issues that are important besides. U.N secretary general will convene Afghan aid conference in Geneva on 13th of September.

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1 Comment

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