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Taliban say : Focus on future no one under prosecution

Afghanistan where the tatliban have denied a United Nations report that they are conducting a door-to-door search to find Afghans who worked for foreign forces.

Spokesperson Suhail Shaheen says no one is under prosecution details. The floyd situation in Afghanistan has raised many concerns among the international community. A report by United Nations consultants and the Taliban are threatening to kill or arrest family members of the people who did not want to give themselves up.

But rejecting the assessment. Shaheen tweeted the Taliban have granted a general amnesty and are focused on the future. Meanwhile president Joe Biden said the U.S is on pace to be the 31st August deadline for evacuations from Afghanistan. Biden said that the airlift has to finish soon because of an increasing threat from the Islamic State khorasan group.

While British prime minister Boris Johnson said the G7 agreed the Taliban must allow safe passage to Afghans after the deadline. Earlier at a press conference the Taliban spokesperson said that the ego will oppose any extension to the deadline moreover the world bank has halted financial support to Afghanistan amid worries about the fate of women under Taliban rule.

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