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Taliban says Afghanistan’s struggle over as president flees

After 20 years it was a hostile departure for the United States from its kabul embassy as the taliban reached the city limits.

Helicopters ferried staff to kabul international airport those who remained burned sensitive documents while blackhawks and apache helicopters circled the capital monitoring for taliban fighters on the ground as they released heat flares over the green zone.
President Ashraf ghani was recording what would be his final statement he and his core team fled the country shortly after there is a clear need that the national directorate of security alongside the police and the afghan army take responsibility for the security of all citizens.

The defense minister and the interior minister to convey that message anyone who’s disturbing the law and order or things of looting should be confronted with full force before ghani left kabul the afghan government had been negotiating with the  taliban for a political settlement but its leverage had weakened with every loss on the battlefield in just nine days the taliban took control of every major city except kabul by sunday morning
its fighters surrounded the capital holding districts inside kabul province so it is a popular uprising and all the proper provinces are with us so they should understand and know the ground realities and surrender to submit themselves to the will of the people.

There will be a government which will be acceptable to all afghans as the taliban presence built around the outskirts of kabul the armed groups military commission sent this message to its fighters congratulations to you all but no one should enter kabul you do not have permission to enter if someone enters you cannot plead ignorance yet.

By sunset the taliban flag was raised inside kabul city taliban fighters were seen driving around on motorbikes in pickup trucks and humvees greeting the people afghanistan’s interior ministry carried on undeterred stating it remains in charge of the city’s security the security of the city is guaranteed and it is not going to be attacked the agreement is that there is going to be a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government do not be influenced by any propaganda kabul is safe rest assured there will not be any problem in kabul but after the taliban’s rapid march across afghanistan that was not a chance the u.s or it would seem president ghani was willing to take.



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