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Taliban seize control over Afghanistan’s north taleqan

In afghanistan the taliban have seized control of five provincial capitals since friday.
Taleqan is the latest to fall the fundamentalist islamist group has also taken Sheberghan and sharipu and they drove government troops out of the northern city of Kunduz.
The most significant gain in their latest offensive zaranj is in the in the southwest is also now under taliban control the advance follows the withdrawal of U.S and other international troops from Afghanistan.

The afghan army and the taliban people desperately trying to get to safety the taliban are on the march in afghanistan and have now captured five key provincial cities the government didn’t pay enough attention to region whether it was government failure a faulty assessment of the situation or corruption probably a little bit of everything this has led to province falling to the taliban so easily until recently international soldiers had been working to bring peace and security to the country promoting democracy and women’s rights.

Among other things but with the rapid withdrawal many of the gains of the past 20 years are now at stake many afghans had hoped that the days of the taliban were behind them that hope is diminishing with every passing day.
The taliban have captured five provincial capitals since friday three in a single day what does that say about their strength and organization it obviously says a lot about their strength of organization and also says a lot about the message that they want to send because if we look at what’s been happening over the last month they really tried to capture one of the major cities of afghanistan.

They couldn’t do that so they moved on to essentially just collecting smaller capitals along the way in the north and taking condos it sends a very strong signal because a it’s the third time they’ve managed to take it in seven years and in 2015 condos was supposed to be the quote unquote model province of afghanistan.
The president Ashraf Ghani had completely restarted the provincial government in 2015 hand selected all of the leadership hoping that it would be the one that would turn the tide for afghanistan and in his first speech the provincial governor at the time said hey condos is insecure at the time but we’ll make it secure and now this is basically the taliban taunting the government saying not only did you not make it secure but we’ve managed to take it three times from you in the last seven years.

The taliban from seizing control of the entire country the issue for the government now is that they have to send forces to so many different spots of the country right now because as earlier and are not fully under government control they’re still intense fighting in all three of them so they had to send back up and reinforcements there at the same time they sent back up in reinforcements to Kunduz to ship iran and potentially and at the same time they have to keep Kabul they have to keep mazzar all of these other big cities as well so it’s really a question of how far and how wide can they send out their troops and how long can they maintain.

Afghanistan is a nation of 34 provinces this offensive is happening while the government and the taliban are negotiating some kind of a peace agreement can they even continue to talk under these circumstances if you look at sort of the rhetoric and the propaganda coming out from both sides at this point neither side really seems to be talking about peace they’re going very full steam ahead with this idea of war and fighting one another the government has suspended almost all funding for any non-military project and has put all of its effort and all of its thought into the military in fighting this war and likewise the taliban has done.
There are two meetings scheduled for this week in doha and Dr. Abdullah the head of the reconciliation council.

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