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Taliban surround central Afghan city of Ghazni

The city of ghazni in central afghanistan officials said the fighters have taken over the homes of civilians to fight security forces.

The taliban are making a fresh push to surround cities and gain territory emboldened by the departure of foreign forces so far they have not been able to hold provincial capitals.
But they have put pressure on afghan security forces to respond to offensives around the country.
The U.S general leading the war austin miller is to relinquish command on monday in a symbolic end to america’s longest conflict meanwhile the fighters claim they have captured nearly 200 districts across afghanistan.
In a statement spokespersons Abu Al-Mujahid said thousands of afghan troops have defected to the group meanwhile the ministry of defense claims it has killed more than 270 fighters in the past 24 hours it said operations were carried out in 15 provinces including Nangarhar and Maidan Wardak.

Peace talks between the taliban and the government are continuing in Doha but officials say they are making little progress.
Now today both the Taliban and Kabul administrations have reiterated their willingness for a peaceful political settlement. There is just to the bigger gap in the in the positions of the taliban and the national.

United government for those for that gap to be embraced in such a short time when the Americans were or the allied forces were there in afghanistan at that time.
They could not achieve anything in the interest on dialogue and that it is likely to succeed at this time at this point in time must remember that there were four basic points that the United states had laid down as preconditions for its departure from afghanistan it was an interest one dialogue. It was an interim government speech fire all around and attacking the terrorist groups which are its constant afghanistan’s background not a single one of those points has been completed or rather both of them have not even been attempted.
So it is most unlikely that any one of those points can be attempted at this point in time because the taliban are now attendant and their juggernaut in a way is moving and rolling all over afghanistan and really do not see any reason for them to give up most dominating position and then to compromise on what appears to be a potential victory for them.

These courts are not likely to succeed in bringing down in any a form of a solution to this one in review.
The Taliban mentioned peace talks with government representatives in Iran and their interactions in Moscow as well but they did not say a word about the Doha talks so this mean the taliban are no longer viewing the intra afghan Doha talks as a prospect for the conflict resolution. The people who represented the one taliban in Tehran and in Noscow they are not the top tier leadership of the taliban so these people who went there did not have the the the capacity to take decisions or to give any commitment.

The Taliban who are ascendant they will not compromise their strong dominating position and come to a solution in which they have to compromise and agree with them with people.
They’ve been fighting for the last 20 years at least that is the national united government. There are one Taliban are most likely to make a run for Kabul to give a whole of the abomination image to the rest of the world and say that this is a coalition government that represents the whole of afghanistan.
The Taliban’s claim of controlling 85 percent of afghan territory. The country is under their control but a very specific practice and a plan that seems to be emerging small major crossings into the nearby countries with tajikistan with afghanistan and with iran and they are now moving into the central districts.

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