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Taliban, U.S meet in Doha, Hold first talks since Afghanistan withdrawal

The Taliban in the United States are holding their first talks since the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan. The two sides are meeting this weekend in Qatar. Washington has not officially recognized the militant government. But says talks are aimed at easing the evacuation of foreign citizens and urging the Taliban to respect the rights of women and children. Taliban officials said that destabilizing or weakening Afghanistan’s new government serves no one. A spokesperson told the associated press there would be no cooperation with the u.s on containing the increasingly active Islamic state group in Afghanistan which continues to launch attacks.


This is first in-person meeting between United States Of America in a delegation of the Taliban led by the acting foreign minister. They’ve been talking about several issues accounting to Mr Mutaki unfreezing the assets of Afghanistan by the international community particularly by the United States which are more than seven billion dollars and according to him it will pave the way for development in the country. Also discussed the donation of the Covid-19 vaccines and the doses. On the other hand the Doha agreement and full implementation of this agreement was also necessary.


They will be having different meetings with European countries and the edges of this meetings and it will continue for at least four to five days and it’s very important in current situation for Afghanistan because already looming humanitarian catastrophe and collapsing economy is something most of the people are concerned about.

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