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Terror attack at Kabul airport puts spotlight on rushed U.S. withdrawal

13 american soldiers died and many more injured it is one of the dirty secrets which has not been talked about that in the last two or three years the taliban has actually been a shadow ally of the united states in hunting down is in providing battleground intelligence to us forces to hunt down is islamic state that is in afghanistan and even while the the taliban are fighting the afghan army.

Now is the time when the taliban are in a position to impose themselves at least in kabul to have that coordination with them so that the withdrawal more orderly and secondly to to do away with artificial deadlines and timelines august 31st or even night for that withdrawal do as long as it takes to move people out safely and to stem the panic in afghanistan right now two bombs exploded at different places of the airport now it is known that the airport now is guarded both by the united states nato and also the taliban forces.
it’s the nato forces and the u.s side they have responsibility for that area it’s just in that huge crush and of population crush wanting to get out it’s perhaps not easy to create that containment zone and this this sort of incident has happened and will occur and there’s real dangers too because the u.s is now trying to extract certain people even from beyond the airport area and that can create a sort of miscommunication even with taliban forces so not in a good situation in this regard and it’s purely to do with the history withdrawal it did not have to happen this fast there were already messages coming from the u.s side suggesting there might be danger.


There might be terror in the airport area but still a lot of people are there because they’re desperate to leave.
The intelligence could get there but the realities are a totally different story on the ground the situation is almost uncontrollable and in this situation you can have good intelligence and and at the same time that intelligence is not implementable on the ground and the u.s just has to understand that and that is because of the panic that a lot of the afghan citizens themselves feel that if this if they don’t get shipped out at this moment they will never get shipped out at a later point of time and the u.s has given projected the sense that it’s just looking after its own interests so it creates that much more desire to be there at the airport and be out.



if they can have a some sort of a constructive arrangement with the taliban it can help stem the panic among afghan citizens themselves don’t have to be at the airport tomorrow itself and that this process can happen in a more ordinary u.s president joe biden once again promised that u.s will withdraw before august the 31st the meanwhile he said that the u.s will not forget and will hunt you down he’s talking of course of the terrorists responsible for the bombing in the airport but capability u.s will be able to fulfill these two promises?

Either neither of the two august 31st we don’t think is doable and that’s an artificial deadline put by mr biden so that he can be certain that they will all be out by september 11th so on september 11th he can tell the country on the 20th anniversary that we are out but that’s all fine and good but not at the expense of what is happening in kabul in terms of human life and in afghanistan with regard to the second point it’s helpful even talking about how we will exact revenge and vengeance on these ugly terrorists there are more important matters to deal with which is about protecting and safeguarding life and doing that in an orderly way.


This trouble with straw reflects a much bigger issue that is united states as a government as a state has been in the wrong direction we do not say any good execution we do not say good communication coordination among different government agencies we see people act on their own like the headless this is not a failure to buy the administration this is a failure of entire u.s government in coordinating such a big event.



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