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The all new Galaxy Z Flip3 5G – Folds into your pocket

Having a foldable phone is always so cool it’s been depicted as high-end trendy sassy and even hot that’s hot but since it was modernized the prices for foldable phones aren’t really easy to reach and realistically they weren’t convincing enough with the lack of an ip rating inconsistent app compatibility and some people just really see them as gimmicks now since samsung’s first flip phone was released the brand has been finding ways to further improve.


A flagship foldable smartphone that consumers can fully rely on and would actually prefer to buy this galaxy Z flip 3 could be just that for a starting price of $1209.
Elegant minimal fashionable and more durable the samsung galaxy z flip has been a head turner since its first iteration but this time the flip 3 leans further on a sophisticated look with a two-tone folded front design that flaunts an upgraded 1.9 inch super amoled cover display it’s two rear cameras and an led flash the whole front and rear cover are protected with corning gorilla glass.

Fixtures which is the toughest to date while we get a layer of gorilla glass dx plus on the two camera lenses the unit we have is in the cream color while other tones available locally are green lavender and phantom black that we’ve seen in their s21 series it looks good but this cream design is our top pick as it gives an impression of always looking clean and stylish additionally we like how the whole weird design is not much of a fingerprint magnet however do note that it can be a lot slippery that’s why it’s still best to put the case on we get a tough aluminum armor hinge that flows through the sides and it sure works smoother than its predecessors samsung claims.

The galaxy z flip 3 is 80 tougher than their previous models with the improved hinge gorilla glass protection and finally an ipx8 water resistance rating this means that it can be submerged in water cheaper than 1 meter for more than 30 minutes but we sure don’t recommend that you try it on purpose on the flip side though we only get waterproofing so some dust or sand can still get in the way especially between the cap when the phone is folded but new layers of protection definitely give a peace of mind and props to samsung for focusing on it even when they’re achieving a trimmed down price tag.


The galaxy Z flip 3 may seem too tall to grip when unfolded and that’s simply because of its limb form factor it looks like side by side with the galaxy s21 ultra well it’s still a large device but definitely pocketable when folded four buttons and ports while it’s folded located on top is that signature samsung branding on the hinge while at the bottom are its usb type c port three microphones the downward firing speaker and some antenna bands meanwhile on the left side is the sim card slot for one nano sim but there’s also an easem support on board then on the right is the power button that doubles as the fingerprint scanner right beside the volume rocker that switches commands whenever the phone is folded they’re all pretty tactile yet can be hard to reach if you have small hands.


its displays one of the top upgrades that the z-flip 3 has is its larger outer super amoled screen that measures 1.9 inches that’s four times larger than its predecessor and it’s more useful too besides stylishly getting your notifications the cover display has a few widgets such as music controls weather calendar voice recorder samsung health and timer some of these were present in the old z-flip models but with a bigger front display like this we find ourself using it a lot plus it honestly reduces screen time which is a good thing for whenever you have an incoming call and the phone is folded you can answer the call via the cover display and it will then automatically be on speakerphone yet probably a sassy feature that we like is how you can drop calls by simply shutting the device close.


if you want to use the  rear cameras for selfies while the phone is folded then you can simply double click the power button to trigger the camera app doing a swipe down gesture on the cover display allows you to use the ultra wide lens while swiping from the left or right will switch to video mode by the way this double press shortcut on the power button can be customized in the settings under the side key category when flipped open the galaxy z flip 3 sports a 6.7 inch dynamic amoled 2x infiniti flex display with a buttery smooth 120hz refresh rate option specifically it has a resolution of 2640×1080 pixels a pixel density of 425 pixels per inch and there’s also hdr10 plus support the bezels are a tad bit thinner when compared to the last generation model but samsung retained the same control front camera notch the pre-installed screen protector on this longer display feels more like scrolling through a glass panel than a flexible one and that’s good don’t you ever think of removing it though because there will be consequences surely there’s still a noticeable crease right in the middle of the screen and it’s noticeable from different angles except up front when you’re watching videos or doing video calls the point is unless you touch the display facing full front the crease is not distracting at all however when navigating the ui you can really touch through.


The crease but it’s not that irritating since the display does give a glass feel from the get-go this display is vibrant and dynamic we get very good outer visibility but expect the viewing angle unmatched when the screen is half folded then there’s  that adaptive 120hz refresh rate on board that completely complements the display quality it’s great but if you want to save more battery life then you can toggle it to the standard 60hz audio wise sound come out from its down firing loudspeaker and the earpiece this dual stereo setup actually provides clear and boosted sound that you can expect from flagship smartphones today with the dolby atmos support there’s very good sound balance and it doesn’t sound distorted when the volume is set to the highest alright so running the software department is android 11 skinned with one ui 3.5 it’s still a lot similar to one ui 3.1 with the added exclusive flex features.


The galaxy z flip 3 is available with either 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes ufs 3.1 what we have is a 128 gigabytes model which leaves us with 100 gigabytes of usable space right out of the box moving on to internals there’s a significant boost in performance with the qualcomm snapdragon triple eight processor that’s paired with an adreno 660 gpu and 8 gigabytes of ram this is the same configuration that you can find in samsung’s s21 series and hell it is blazing apps load quickly multitasking is a breeze and it can tactically handle anything you throw at it without any stutters as for gaming the game launcher app automatically boosts the experience and with the 120 hertz surface rate playing heavy games is effortlessly immersive the only issue that we encountered is the heating on the top side of the display when using heavy apps for long periods of time you can place a tough case on the phone so it’s less bothersome.

The galaxy z flip 3 got you covered with 5g 4g lte nfc bluetooth 5.2 gps and wi-fi 6. so far everything’s looking good right but the catch the battery similar to last year’s flip model we get a 3300 milliamp capacity which is small but quite acceptable given its unique build however the factor means that this device is a battery hug so in a day you’ll be needing to charge it at least once or twice when we ran it through the pc marks work 3.0 battery test with the 120 hertz refresh rate kept on we yielded a score of 7 hours and 49 minutes.

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