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The bride broke up her marriage on her own. What was the reason?

In Maharashtra, India, a bride broke up her own marriage. The bride refuses to marry the groom. What was the reason that this girl broke up her own marriage?

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The bride had told her mother a week before her wedding that she was in love with another boy. But no one listened to her. Eventually, the girl called the police before turning around. Police arrived before the turn. The groom took the bride to the police station. Then both of them were explained.

Even after explaining for so long, the girl did not agree and she said that I love someone else and I will marry her. Eventually it was decided to break the marriage. Then the marriage was broken and everyone went home.

The police took the girl’s statement and found out that a week ago she had said that she was in love with someone else and she could not get married. His speech was postponed. The girl finally called the police on her wedding day. The girl did not want to get married but her family still wanted to force her to get married.

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