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The Future of Peace in Afghanistan

Afghanistan and the Future

The situation that is unfolding in Afghanistan it has been an a matter of for grade speculation and we have seen the way Taliban keep on sweeping of a various defenses of one government.

We know that they now control at least six border crossings into other places that is not all we have repeatedly seen statements coming from afghan authorities we have seen statements coming from the Taliban spokesman and western and other regional forces as well.

Yesterday the Prime minister of Pakistan spoke to PBS and there he once again reminded everybody that Pakistan cannot be held responsible for the actions.
The prime minister said, A civil war in Afghanistan would be the worst case scenario from Pakistan’s point of view as Pakistan would have to face a refugee crisis which in turn would badly affect the country’s economy.

The Prime minister has said that the U.S has really messed it up in Afghanistan he added that the only solution to the country’s situation was through a political settlement that was inclusive and involved all factions including the Taliban.
Prime minister Imran Khan said, we can only pray that the people of afghanistan decide what government they want and he hopes that the afghans end up forming some sort of inclusive comment following the visit by foreign minister Qureshi.

A 9 person taliban delegation visited China.
The Taliban who have made rapid inroads in afghanistan since the u.s and nato forces started withdrawing from the war-torn country have been jointly pushed by both Pakistan and China to completely break their ties with the terrorist groups including the outlaw.

Taliban, Pakistan and all other outfits that pose a direct threat to the region Pakistan and China have conveyed their concerns to the taliban over their reported ties with anti-pakistan and anti-china terrorist groups and in case of non-cooperation they could face consequences such as non-recognition of their rule Pakistan is hoping that China could play a constructive and positive role in bringing about peace and stability in afghanistan.

The Prime minister had to Said, Absolute nonsense why don’t they give us evidence of this firstly let me just go back when they say that Pakistan gives safe havens sanctuaries to taliban where are these safe havens when you when we say there are three million afar refugees in pakistan who are by the way the same ethnic group as the Taliban pashtuns now there are camps of 500000 people there are camps of 100000 people and taliban are not some military outfit they are normal civilians and if there are some civilians in these camps how is pakistan supposed to hunt these people down how can you call them sanctuary.

Pakistan still has its options and pakistan has to play a very delicate balancing act right and believe that if the second option somehow materializes it’s a win-win formulation the global powers also see the advantage of peace and stability and they are they have unanimity of views. then things are not that difficult okay things can be managed and negotiated settlement.

Afghanistan as a neighbor as a volatile country in west asia but another perspective which is the international world order transformation. Perhaps it will be interesting to look at afghanistan in that context the earlier somewhat optimistic view a few months earlier was that the U.S is withdrawing its military from Afghanistan primarily because it wants to focus and converge its capabilities against China by accelerating the development of quad and it wants to pull out military and concentrate in the containment of China project.

The acceleration of quad it makes sense in terms of a conventional strategic rearmament and alliance building against China but the growing instability in Afghanistan also will delay and disrupt the development of Cpec which could be another indirect strategy of status.

Afghanistan while world powers might want afghanistan to keep on simmering or there might be need for some kind of civil war the question is who is convincing of hans to actually keep on killing themselves and keep on fighting that is the most important question because no matter which world bar or regional power tries to instigate or destabilize Afghanistan.

The Afghan factions and afghan stakeholders that even if they continue for their individual political survival to promote and push the agenda of some power eventually at the end of the day afghanistan remains unstable poor underdeveloped.

Its different stakeholders and factions eventually want to recover from instability and build a normal nation-state where people can lead respectable decent normal lives. Learn from their mistakes and history and work with those countries which expect them to stabilize and develop their nation rather than to work on behalf of the spoilers.

The Ashraf Ghani government has been in power for quite some time big question is today they’re their representatives are talking to taliban and why is it that they haven’t been able to  create a kind of an initiative that would ensure that taliban also start taking them seriously it doesn’t seem that the the of khan taliban are taking afghan government seriously.

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