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The Government Efforts to Green Pakistan

Government Efforts For Green and Clean Pakistan
The government is making to alleviate climate change and the effects of climate change. Now the prime minister has also has tweeted on sunday he said. He has urged the nation to gather for the biggest tree planting campaign in history. He’s also shared a picture on his twitter in which it is shown how many people are planting trees in every country and in pakistan it’s five persons it’s five trees per person on an average which is much less than so many other countries.

Climate change and the efforts

Pakistan is undertaking in order to alleviate the effects of climate change. More in the following report the world is grappling with the pandemic induced colossal challenges oblivious of another hidden global crisis that poses existential threat to humanity climate change and ecosystem. Degradation could pose challenges on a scale beyond living memory. While realizing the urgency of matter prime minister imran khan urged the nation on sunday to gear up for the biggest replanting campaign in our history. The potential for pakistan’s economy to expand and develop sustainably largely depends upon the management of an investment in its natural capital. The effort by the government especially after 2021 has paid a rich dividend and now the natural capital like forest wetland and natural areas are on a rise. The trend also promises to continue as a result of various restoration programs including the 10 billion tree. Tsunami pakistan has robustly advocated the urgency to mitigate the climate disaster at the virtual fifth U.N environment  assembly furthermore as a responsible. Global actor pakistan lent enough impetus to ecosystem restoration by state-sponsored ambitious. Environmentally resilient initiatives such as prime minister imran khan’s clean green pakistan program. 10 billion tree tsunami program protected area initiatives ban on single-use plastic bags. Recharge pakistan program and urban resilient human settlement project these climate milestones substantially circumvented the climate bomb ticking across pakistan and the region pakistan’s enthusiastic. Hosting of world environment day depicts its commitment to lead the charge for all the nations to restore damaged ecosystems through the U.N decade on ecosystem restoration. According to a report issued by united nations environment program 2021 pakistan has already set the model of ecosystem restoration for global community. Thus pakistan is well placed to be a pioneer in both restoration initiatives and regional level natural capital their cornerstone of sustainable development goals.

Prime minister says, that we are at the bottom of the list of countries in terms of ratio of trees per person. How important is it for us to be cognizant as citizens of a country that is one of the most affected due to climate change. It really depends that how much area pakistan has for the forest cover. And we do have a less than five percent forest covering pakistan which should be ideally as per international. Rules and regulations and standards but also emphasize that the countries we in which we are making comparison with has very large area. They are bigger than pakistan in terms of territory and landscape. Pakistan is not that big country so although we are behind our target but don’t think so. If one country is planting on an average one person is planting on an average 400 trees so we have to compete them. No we can’t do that because we also have to see our area and our territory as well for that as far as plantation is concerned. Of course it is very important to plant local trees. Whenever, We should also talk about local plantation because what we are looking at right now. In 10 billion tree tsunami aforestation project as well is that it is good to plant mean olive trees because it will give fruit. But we also have to see its compatible environment in respective regions. As well because whether it can sustain itself in pakistan. It can sustain in many regions of pakistan. We have to go local because when we talk about ecosystem it is very important to plant local trees. Because we know in our childhood we must have seen that we used to see fireflies and we used to see butterflies which we see no longer in our launch that was because of the ecosystem. That was so strong at that time.

Planting is very important to take care of it, mean only planting trees. This was supposed to be my next question how do you take care of trees once you plant the sapling what do you do next. Yeah you have to take care of it because it’s very important that you just plant and tweet and you know do post on facebook that you have done it. But it is very important to also take care of it. Once it’s five or six year old tree or even 10 years old tree then it will have some impact on your environment. And ultimately in next 10 20 30 years on your climate change. And how to stop those holders who we know cut down the trees in order to sell the wood. Mean that is very challenging for every government. We must say because this timber mafia particularly it is very hard to control. But this current comment to some extent they have controlled it.

the forest deforestation rate

But, it is still high in pakistan when we talk about south asia. So i strict implementation of laws would help that also. There are some areas in which wood is used as a source of energy to cook meal and exalt so in those communities. Guess we have to take communities on board and build their confidence. And and give them alternate means of making their meals and maybe a CNG or LNG something that could be given to them so that they do not burn the wood.

The government has taken the good 10 billion tsunami is not the only measure. That the government has taken as far as trying to alleviate the effects of climate change is concerned. when we talk about 10 billion trade tsunami or vehicle policy or other myers this government is taking is only at policy level to some extent. We have seen the practical side of 10 billion trayson army mean government is trying hard to achieve that target of 10 billion tree tsunami, under that policy. They have to bring 30 electric cars by 2030.



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