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The U.S is bracing for further terrorist attacks in Kabul as the evacuation window closes

The death toll from two bombings near Kabul airport has reached almost 100. At least 70 Afghans were killed in the crowds.

While the U.S says 13 of its soldiers are among the dead with more wounded. The Taliban say they lost fighters in the suicide blasts as well the Afghan branch of the so-called Islamic state has claimed responsibility. Now the Pentagon is warning of further is terror shock at Kabul hospital as multiple injured people were brought in for treatment. Western nations had warned of a terror attack on the thousands hoping to be airlifted out of the Taliban controlled city. Now it had happened people were standing at the airport gate when the blast happened. The ambulances are carrying injured and dead.

It was time for evening prayers when the explosion happened. The people saw about 70 vehicles carrying the injured to hospital. The explosion was outside the airport. It came from the canal just after the first explosion across the city of kabul. Smoke could be seen above the airport news. Then came of a second explosion. The Pentagon confirmed that one was near the Abbey gate entrance to the airport. The other a short distance away close by a hotel. People attended to the wounded on-site as vehicles arrived to take them to hospital as darkness fell planes continued to take off from inside. The airport complex this attack only emphasizes.

The death toll from Thursday’s attack keeps rising the hospitals are also overwhelmed treating. The wounded can you bring us up to date on the latest. The latest casualty figures are in fact at least 90 killed and at least 150 wounded. Most of them Afghans of course.

There’s outrage that media outlets begin now to focus on the killed U.S service members despite the much higher toll among Afghans which kind of reinforces. The feeding among Afghans that Afghan lives don’t matter and that it is only about the foreigner so that this attack is only now getting that much attention because U.S soldiers were killed and not because of the much higher toll among African civilians.

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