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The U.S will lift its travel ban on fully vaccinated visitors from the EU and UK

The U.S says it will grant entry to all air passengers from early November as long as they have been vaccinated and tested for Covid-19. Travelers who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to quarantine after entering the country. This new policy replaces the tough restrictions imposed by Donald Trump 18 months ago. When the pandemic began Britain and Germany have welcomed the change.


This has certainly been a very long awaited and from the European perspective also overdue decision because that travel ban was initially put in place by Donald Trump. At the very beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, it was then upheld by Joe Biden. Once he took office last fall and the European Union in summer lifted their travel ban. So, they had a travel ban put in place for americans coming to Europe.


They have been able to travel to Europe as of summer because a growing amount of people are vaccinated. Now on both sides of the Atlantic and so the European Union waited for the United States to follow. But that never materialized. So, the EU raised pressure, there was a growing amount of frustration on that side of the Atlantic and now starting November. Everyone who’s vaccinated and tested is allowed to enter the United States again. The big question that remains on the table though are all vaccines going to be accepted because astrazeneca for instance a very popular vaccine.

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