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Today South Africa Ramaphosa calls for unity amid wreckage of unrest

South Africa Protests 2021

When apartheid ended almost 30 years ago, millions of south africans like dorian and gamer hope for a future of equality opportunity and prosperity for her children and her grandchildren. It hasn’t turned out like that things are worsened since this democracy. But there’s no damocracy here. There’s no democracy at all doreen’s story is one of frustration and wasted potential. A story familiar to millions across this country she was interested in going maybe universities away but she couldn’t afford it because it’s too much.

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She couldn’t afford it but she was so interested in being something having some profession. But she can’t dorian’s daughter says she’s not got the right connections to get a job. A 70 through would say we’re not working because those who are in higher positions. They only look after their friends or their family. So it’s not going to be easy for their kids to get jobs because they don’t know people in high places.

The world bank says that south africa is now the most unequal society in the world. The top 10 of earners take home 65 of the income and white people are still more likely to find work and better paid work than their black counterparts. The widespread rioting and looting that swept through parts of south africa.

Last week was sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zuma. But it was chronic poverty and unemployment that spurred on the violence. The poorest have been the main victims. More people are now jobless after the destruction of shops warehouses and factories totally surprised. It’s taking them back unaware not prepared at all and they felt there’s a need because obviously there’s no jobs. People are hungry. No money to buy food. They got money they can’t get food. Doreen would at least like her grandchildren to have a fair chance. The future she wish for them is to get the best education.

They can get but she don’t see that happens in this world. They are living in now they’re growing up in a country where half the population lives below the poverty line. Now president cyril ramaphosa says that rioting and looting was deliberately orchestrated to cause maximum damage to infrastructure and supply chains. The police say they have about 12 suspected instigators that they want to speak to four of them have been arrested so far and could well appear in court on monday.

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