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Tourist rush has increased at Fort Munro in South Punjab

The parking area at Fort Munro is also packed with hotels and restaurants.

Fort Munro, a tourist destination in southern Punjab, has become a popular destination. Because it is very cool part of southern Punjab. Because of the heat, people flock to Fort Munro. People not only come from South Punjab but people from all over Pakistan come here for sightseeing.

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Just as Murree is known as a tourist destination, Fort Munro is also known as a companion. Why is Murree so crowded, so tourists turn to this tourist spot, Fort Munro. But now Fort Munro is also very busy. Now the condition of this place is like Murree. Here, too, people are packed. There is less space for people to live and move around.

That is why tourists are coming on the roads to enjoy. Since a large number of tourists have come here, there is no room for other people and these people cannot live properly. The rush of people has increased a lot. As a result, there is less space for people to live and walk.

Some tourists turned back as soon as they arrived here. Because a lot of tourists came here. So they have returned because there is no place to stay and stay in the hotel. People are having a hard time coming and going because the roads are very crowded. Large numbers of people have turned to Fort Munro.

Arriving there, people found out that there are no arrangements here. People came with their families. But now they are stuck here too. People can’t even go home due to severe traffic jams. People stand on the roads with their families for three hours and then they find a way to get out of here. Tourists say they stay with their families for three hours to see when the traffic jam will resume. A large number of people are stranded on the roads. The administration is requested to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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1 Comment

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