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Toxic gas fear as Spanish Volcano lava reaches ocean

This is becoming a daily ritual across the side of the Island in all these towns in La Palma clearing up all the volcanic dust.


This has settled just overnight and that’s why there’s a small army of workers everywhere. They are trying to clear it up, trying to allow life to continue because this eruption is still having widespread effects right across this side of the Island. There are more than 6,000 people who are out of their homes. Over 9,00 homes that have been destroyed and the new threat in the last couple of days is toxic gas because the lava has reached the Coast. It’s reached the sea just along the Coast from there. It is flowing into the sea and that is when there is a chemical reaction which releases potentially those toxic gases.


That’s why there is still a huge restricted area that is being enforced by the authorities there to keep people back, to keep people safe. But that means they’re not allowed back to their homes and the volcano is still erupting. Almost two weeks after it first became active. So, there is still lava pouring down the hillsides and now going straight into the sea and the question still to be answered is how much longer will this continue and how many more people will it affect.



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