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Turkey Wildfires: At least four people killed

Firefighting planes from Russia Ukraine and Azerbaijan are helping Turkey to put out wildfires raging along its southern coast at least four people have died and dozens have been taken to hospital.
turkey fire
The flames have also forced the evacuation of entire villages unfortunately 71 wildfires have broken out 57 forest fires were contained efforts are underway to contain 14 wildfires so there is progress in a positive direction. The challenges firefighters are facing actually it has just been too many fires going on at the same time which have made the firefighting efforts very difficult for people on the ground according to the archetype agricultural and minister there has been almost 100 fires in 24 cities in the last four days and the weather is not helping it is a dry season.

There are very high temperatures the winds are strong and all of these factors are weighing in for the negative effects regarding the firefighting efforts the it’s a mountainous region it’s very difficult to get to the region’s is characterized by pine trees.

The people on the ground are emphasizing that the pine cones that are in flames just explode from trees to create new small fires in the region so all of these are against the efforts and planes from Russia Ukraine and amAzerbaijan are helping firefighters from different regions of turkey have arrived in the location maxima trying to maximize the efforts but there are still firefighting efforts going on in the region volunteers are going there with their own efforts just filling in plastic bottles with water and trying to put down flames and there has been a volunteer who has died in the region.

There’s a heated debate regarding whether turkey was ready for this whether enough precautions were taken because this is not something that happens for the first time although it is the first time in such a extent and the timing so many of these areas must be must have been hoping to get more tourists back after being closed down for pandemic so it’s potentially going to affect business too.
These are very popular tourist destinations that are suffering from the fires hotels have been evacuated people have their summer houses there they have left the summer houses and also because of the fire transportation is very difficult there are roads that are blocked people have been stuck in some regions.

They were helped with boats to get out of there and of course new holiday makers cannot come into the region they have cancelled their reservations and the toll is rising. We Don’t Know the actual financial toll right now because the situation in antalya and in marmaris are still continuing in their fourth day the fires are still going on and so the toll is rising.

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