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Twitter New Security Feature For Users 2021

Twitter has introduced a new feature to increase the security and convenience of its users

The social networking site Twitter has introduced a new feature for the convenience and security of its users. The security of user’s account will be further enhanced. No one will be able to hack the user’s account. This will keep their account secure. The advantage of this feature is that users can hide their mobile number. ۔ No one will be able to see their mobile number. This feature is quite an amazing feature. Earlier this feature was available on Facebook but now this feature will also be available on Twitter.

twitter new update for security reasons 

According to the details, Twitter had earlier given an update in which users could add a feature like Two Factor Authentication Method to their account to secure their account. This means that if all the decisions on your account If I want to log in, they can do it first Enter a password and then a code that will be sent to their mobile number. This way users can log in to their Twitter account. In a tweet on his official Twitter account only, he said that after this method, users can also use a new feature of Backup Authentication Method. Through this feature, users can keep their mobile number private. After this verification method Users will no longer need to perform further verification. Twitter released this feature to prevent hackers from hacking any user’s account and keeping the account secure.

twitter new update for security reasons 

Twitter Second Update

Twitter also provided more updates for its users. Twitter first introduced a feature to create audio rooms in an update. This feature was first available on Android and later introduced on the iPhone. This feature allows users to select an article and invite their friends Could talk The person who created the space host in it and then eight people will be able to talk to each other using their mic at the same time.



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