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U.N condemns Taliban crackedown : Do they care? | How Afghans remember 9/11?

Afghanistan where the U.S wrapped up its military presence weeks ago only to see the taliban return to power. Now washington has stopped inbound flights carrying evacuees after discovering that some new arrivals in the U.S had measles. This comes after the United Nations condemned the Taliban’s crackdown on protesters. There the office of the high commissioner for human rights said at least four people had been killed demonstration. The U.N is now calling on the Taliban to seize the use of force against demonstrators and journalists covering the rallies.

The U.N has condemned the Taliban crackdown on protesters and journalists. It sent a sign that the Taliban are focused on internal cohesion and less on how they look to the outside world. So if they think that protests get like dangerous for them they will likely heavy-handedly. If necessary try to like subdue them so far. They have not like reversed any of their decision and it is unlikely that they will. The U.S has halted flights from Afghanistan because of what looks like a measles outbreak.

This was a flight like from Afghans that were flewn out some days, weeks ago and then were processed on U.S bases in third countries Germany and Qatar. For example and then went from there to the states. So there has just been two days ago the first flight with like about 200 foreign passport holders.

So, evacuation because of the situation at the airport that was not running have any way been like on a low scale. The system is not completely clear. They think the impact of this measles outbreak is limited for the vacation from Afghanistan has rather an effect on the onboard transportation for the thousands of people that are waiting outside of the country. Of course the big topic is the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. A day that changed so much for people in Afghanistan.


A few people remembered it. One young man in attacks they told them the reason that it’s not special for them. For Afghans every day in the past 20 years has been like 11th of September explaining that like on every day. A lot of people were killed there in Afghanistan. There are of course also different reactions. For example, someone when asked about it stated conspiracy theories that the Americans staged it to invade.

They didn’t really need to do that because there have been terror attacks conducted by Bin Laden before 11 September. They wouldn’t like acknowledge that then someone offered it was the Israelis. So you have also these conspiracy theories. But in general, it is like many people don’t know and the one that do they don’t really care about friends marty in kabul afghanistan.

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