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U.S admits Afghanistan drone strike killed 10 civilians no militants

The United States has admitted it killed 10 civilians in a drone strike in Kabul on August 29. The attack was one of its final military operations before entirely pulling out of Afghanistan after 20 years.


Initially the Pentagon defended the strike saying it hit an Islamic State militant. But now after investigating the incident it’s owning up to the error. The pentagon trying to right a wrong in a written statement defence secretary Lloyd Austin apologized for the strike admitting that the deadly attack had been a tragic mistake. The secretary was briefed by general McKenzie. The morning at 8 o’clock on the results of this investigation and on behalf of the men and women of the department of defence.


He offers his deepest condolences to surviving family members of those who are killed an internal review revealed that only civilians were killed in the strike on the 29th of August. An aid worker and nine members of his family including seven children. The attack happened as the U.S was scrambling to evacuate its forces and civilians from Afghanistan and just days after a terrorist attack at Kabul airport that killed dozens of people based on faulty intelligence. The U.S launched a drone strike on a car. It believed was carrying militants about to mount a suicide bombing. Now it’s clear that was not what happened. This strike was taken in the earnest belief that it would prevent an imminent threat to their forces and the evacuees at the airport. But it was a mistake.

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