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U.S: Biden To Meet National Security Team To Discuss Afghanistan Situation

  • United secretary of state of has said that, “we are very grateful to the united arab emirates for support to transit u.s citizens embassy personnel and foreign nationals from afghanistan through the uae and we appreciate our strong partnership.”

Secretary antony blinken statement has come after the united arab emirates has agreed to host 5000 afghan refugees at the request of the united states and uae said that they will host 5000 afghan refugees in the coming days. UAE agreeing to help the united states evacuation mission. he’s gone on to thank the united arab emirates for their cooperation so he goes on to say thank you for giving us support but remember that united secretary of state’s statement comes in the wake of their request to the uae to in fact shelter five thousand afghan refugees now uae has planned to host these five thousand afghan refugees as per reports in the coming days so a big evacuation mission and uae playing an active role in helping the united states evacuation mission.


As far as u.s president is concerned he will be now meeting the national security team the new directives that has now been issued by the u.s embassy now directives that has been issued for all its citizens there in afghanistan asking them to follow the six point action plan that has now been released by the embassy.


The u.s embassy in kabul has notified its citizens that the u.s government cannot ensure their safe passage to the airport the u.s has directed its citizens to consider traveling to the hamid karzai airport when they judge it is safe to do so the u.s embassy in kabul has issued a six-point action plan for its citizens stranded in afghanistan the notification directs americans in afghanistan to keep track of events follow local authorities and have a contingency plan the embassy has further said that due to large crowds the gates inside the kabul airport may open or close without notice but while responding to the media following his address u.s.

President joe biden said there is no indication that americans haven’t been able to reach the kabul airport we have no indication that they haven’t been able to get in kabul through the airport we’ve made an agreement with the with the taliban thus far they’ve allowed them to go through it’s in their interest for them to go through so no circumstance where american citizens are carrying an american passport are trying to get through to the airport but will do whatever needs to be done to see to it they get to the airport massive crowds have been thronging the kabul airport as afghans look to flee country the u.s has said it is putting all its resources to use but the situation is growing grimmer by the day.

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