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U.S extended border restrictions with Canada until Sept 21

Fully vaccinated u.s citizens have been able to freely come into canada since august 9th but that’s not been the case for canadians wanting to go to the u.s for non-essential purposes today there is new information on what the u.s will do about the border closure.


Washington department of homeland security announcing this morning that the land border will remain closed to canadians for non-essential travel for at least another month until september 21st the dhs saying in a statement this decision is to minimize the spread of Covid 19 including the delta variant the united states is extending restrictions on non-essential travel land and ferry crossings with canada and mexico through september 21st.


While continuing to ensure the flow of essential trait and travel in coordination with public health and medical experts dhs continues working closely with its partners across the united states and internationally to determine how to safely and sustainably resume normal.

Travel now this decision comes as covid cases continue to climb in this country a month ago the last time an extension was announced on july 21st the seven day average for new daily cases was in the range of 41000 yesterday it was in the range of 140000 new cases so the u.s clearly not ready to reciprocate the easing of restrictions at the border earlier this month canada lifting restrictions allowing fully vaccinated americans into the country but again this decision applies to the land border canadians have been allowed to fly into the united states prime minister justin trudeau out on the campaign trail today was asked for his reaction and about the decision to let americans into canada when it’s not being¬†reciprocated and he said the risk of letting fully vaccinated americans into canada is minimal but the canadian government will continue to monitor the situation.


The prime minister there’s always been a certain asymmetry in the arrangements canadians unvaccinated or vaccinated have always been able to fly down to florida or arizona over christmas reciprocating for americans who wanted to come up to their cottages ski in canada.

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