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U.S: Hoover Dam faces water shortage ever

The hoover dam built on the colorado river in the 1930s it created the country’s largest reservoir lake mead water and hydroelectric power made the modern west possible but at the light-colored bathtub ring around the shoreline the water level has receded scientists say the lake is at 35 percent capacity its lowest level ever.

Scientists say global warming has contributed to a decades-long drought that’s drying up the west this is the second worst 19-year period going back 1200 years that’s a mega drought the u.s government’s declaration of a water shortage on the colorado river is unprecedented the fact that the first declaration is quite significant historically 40 million people in the region depend to some degree on this water.

Booming cities like phoenix and las vegas san diego and los angeles water supplies to cities will not be cut but agricultural allocations will now farmers like will thielander in arizona face a crisis losing about half deliverable water potentially next year so gonna have to cut back on a lot of acres that having production.
Government officials say climate change is at the root of the water shortage and it’s not just here at lake mead in recent months the punishing effects of global warming have been made brutally clear all over the american.
West unprecedented heat waves have hit the normally cool pacific northwest monster wildfires have ravaged california and oregon the water level in one of california’s biggest reservoirs lake oroville is so low the dam can no longer produce hydroelectric power in the columbia river huge numbers of migrating salmon sickened and died because the water simply became too hot for them on tuesday the southern california water authority issued an alert calling on consumers to voluntarily conserve water and prepare for continued drought all of which raises questions about sustainability as scientists predict the dryness and the heat will continue.

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