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U.S: Joe Biden blaming others for swift collapse in Afghanistan

Joe biden’s address to the nation earlier on monday
plainly it was rubbish it was nothing but blaming other people for his mistakes and he did not take any responsibility.

A big difference between what he has said today and what president ghani has done betraying his entire nation so he is playing this game primarily because he said things he made a decision which is absolutely wrong but people understand that do mistakes but have to come brave and accept that and recover those what happens.

in this game of blaming and denial or pushing back will risk more lives including like 6000 troops that has been sent to afghanistan in the middle of crisis inside kabul city.
If the local people thousands of these people flood in and leak and would say spill over to the u.s facility where there’s turkish israel other nato troops would they respond to these troops to these local people will they shoot at them or will these people will harm them.
Such situation happens who is taking responsibility this is responsibility of president biden and he cannot escape that by making these statements
through his responsibility on others shoulders.

Up until three years ago the former deputy adviser to president ashraf ghani of his fleeing the country.
President Ghani does not have any intention to do then it was very obvious if he did not want to do peace taliban would overthrow him but he still continued with his decision and let the afghan people be in the crisis.
Much ashamed of prison gGhani’s action of abandoning his nation and leaving and departing as much as ashamed of today’s president biden’s speech.

Biden is not taking any responsibility but agree that afghanistan is different in the united states people will set him accountable and it will cost his party the democrats and it can even cost him for the second round if the situation goes wrong especially if those five to six thousand troops in afghanistan if they engage in any kind of military-wise or armed interfere with either taliban or local people.

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