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U.S Military Conducts Drone Strike Against ISIS-K Planner In Retaliation For Kabul Blasts

According to the pentagon the united states has struck the in afghanistan in retaliation to the deadly kabul airport attacks u.s airstrike targets islamic state and afghanistan retaliation to the deadly kabul airport attack.


A statement issued by the pentagon that’s the latest information at this point of time that the united states has conducted drone strikes against the isis-k now remember isis-k had claimed responsibility for the blast at the kabul airport which had killed more than 95 people and several others injured us conducting strikes at islamic state in afghanistan right now in retaliation to the deadly kabul airport attack now remember joe biden had vowed to hunt down the terrorists responsible for the blas.

Pentagon right now issuing a statement that it has taken action and u.s airstrike has targeted the islamic state in afghanistan isis-k case being the target of us strikes in afghanistan. now ahead of the august 31st deadline united states has retaliated it has launched airstrikes in afghanistan against the isis-k.
Drone strikes have happened against the iss-k the united states has carried out these strikes and coordinated the first remember earlier that Joe biden and the president of the united states had vowed to eliminate iss-k in afghanistan and hold all those responsible for the blast the united states uh striking targets of isis k in afghanistan breaking news coming in on the in the aftermath of the kabul blaster and remember the kabul blast had killed many people and injured several others now as the afghans continue to throng the airport there has been a lot of concerns with regards to the security situation at the kabul airport united states has taken a firm stand here they have said that they will strike back and retaliate it to any targets now united states airstrike targeting the islamic state in afghanistan in retaliation to the kabul airport attack.


Yesterday in joe biden’s address and he made it convince no words by saying that he will go after the terrorists who are responsible for the strikes at the blast at the kabul airport in from the pentagon the pentagon in fact issuing a statement of yet retaliation by u.s forces against the isisk united states military struck back at the islamic state bombing an isisk member in afghanistan. they were given to understand less than 48 hours after the suicide bombing which claimed by the group that killed many people given to understand that more than 169 of guns and 13 american service members at the kabul airport.

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