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U.S Mission End : Fear For Afghan woman mounts

Afghanistan girls
Afghanistan girls

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The end of the 20-year mission in afghanistan weeks away the spotlight turns to the fate of women and girls.

The Taliban now claims they control 85 percent of the country and humanitarian concerns are mounting.
Joe Biden says he has given assurances to afghan president ashraf ghani in meeting. He also assured ghani that U.S support for the people of afghanistan will endure. U.S will continue to provide civilian and humanitarian assistance including speaking out for the rights of women and girls.
Experts agree the taliban are not meeting the conditions they agreed to in the U.S Taliban peace deal.
The former first U.S ambassador for global women’s issues spoke to VOA they have not seized the violence they have continued to engage.
They and their militant networks horrible assassinations we’ve been greatly concerned about what’s happening to leaders in civil society. What’s happened to women journalists women judges the girls school bombing just horrible horrible that we are witnessing with great great concern one of the 100 or so districts the taliban have captured in recent weeks is bulk in northern Afghanistan.

Local residents say the Taliban have imposed repressive new rules in the district ordering women to cover their heads and men to grow beards some districts are reporting girls schools are being closed.
Democratic representative Seth Moulton says,” He has spent time in afghanistan and is worried for the people he met especially the women and girls.
“I mean it just breaks your heart to think about the taliban taking over parts of the country and condemning women to essentially a life of servitude and none of us want to see that happen the president made it clear that ultimately this is up to the afghan people in the afghan government”.
But i certainly hope that we do whatever we can to support women and girls in afghanistan and all the progress that they’ve been able to make with america in the last 20 years afghan forces are vowing to fight to win back control of some of the districts recently taken over by the taliban as their american and nato counterparts depart”.


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