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U.S promises half billion more Covid vaccine doses for poorer nations

President Joe Biden is asking world leaders to pledge to vaccinate 70 percent of the world’s population against Covid-19 by September next year. During a virtual meeting he said that the U.S would buy an additional 500 million doses of the vaccine to donate to less wealthy countries. But the latest research shows that richer nations still have a surplus of vaccines. Some of which will soon be out to date.


Wealthier nations are pushing on with booster jabs but, it’s a different story in low-income countries. In Africa and around the world where vaccination rates are much lower that divergence has been criticized by the world health organization and they’ve been growing calls for more vaccine doses to be diverted to those most in need a leading advocate for vaccine supplies to Africa said action was needed by the richest nations promises do not translate into vaccines and jabs in people’s arms. Commitments are not jabs in people’s arms. People are dying for wanting a vaccine.


New research suggests that by the end of this year there will be around 1 billion surplus vaccine doses in the G7 group of the wealthiest nations including the UK and the European Union of those around 100 million doses will be past their use by date by December. As of now estimates vary. But it’s thought that only around three percent of the population of Africa have been fully vaccinated that’s simple waste. People hate waste lives could be saved.


As a result of having these vaccines for them to be the former prime minister Gordon Brown who ambassador for health financing says shifting vaccines is in everyone’s interest. If the disease spreads in Africa and in low-income countries and if it mutates and there are new variants. It’s going to come back to haunt even the fully vaccinated Here nobody is safe until everybody’s safe. The G7 summit in Cornwall in June pledged a billion doses to poor countries as a big step towards vaccinating the world. But critics say the process has moved too slowly. President Joe Biden at a Covid-19 virtual summit promised to double the U.S contribution.

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1 Comment

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