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U.S to give Covid booster shots from next month

The Biden administration is saying that is now prepared to offer booster shots for all americans beginning september 20th they say that will take place eight months after an individual’s second shot so rolling forward after september 20th they say those booster shots will be available for all americans.

They anticipate that the first group to go ahead with their booster shots or third shots will be folks who received shots very early on in the process so a lot of nursing home aides senior citizens the vulnerable population and the like they say they’ve been looking at the science and there are some indications that the efficacy or protectiveness of these vaccines slows down.
Over time so these booster shots may be necessary they also say in a statement from the department of home health and human services that they’ve begun to developed this plan to begin offering these booster shots this fall subject to fda conducting an independent evaluation and determination of the safety and effectiveness of a third votes of the third dose of the pfizer and moderna vaccines.

CDC’s advisory committee issuing booster dose recommendations so they’re saying they have the logistics in place now to do that and they’re waiting now for this independent evaluation from the fda they also say for those who got the j and j vaccine they anticipate booster shots will likely be needed for people who receive the johnson and johnson vaccine that didn’t start until march 2021 so that will be a lagging one but the pfizer and modern vaccines that a lot of us got earlier in the year they are saying that they are now prepared to offer those booster shots.

These boosters are essentially going to be free to americans as well and fall under government contracting operation warp speed the programs that are already in place that is the expectation they’re talking about offering these from the government to all american.

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