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UK PM Boris Johnson under fire for response to racial abuse

UK PM Boris Johnson under fire for response to racial abuse

The british government has denied allegations of hypocrisy after three black english footballers were targeted with online abuse. Racist social media posts were directed at marcus rashford jaden sancho and bukayo sakam after their missed penalties helped italy win sunday’s euro 2020 final.

PM Johnson under fire for response to racial abuse

But players and campaigners have called out the government for fueling. The abuse after comments about players taking a knee after the hate came the love. This mural of england player marcus rashford now covered in well wishes after it was defaced following england’s euro 2020 final loss to italy.

These are the true england fans one girlvleaving a note that read keep up the good work marcus rashford. Supports echoed by many here these boys did really well for the team this took us really far so to get this kind of abuse like round. The corner from where i live it was just shocking. Rashford was one of three black england players alongside jaden sancho and bakayosaka abused online for missing penalties in the finals shootout. For some of them to be abused is unforgivable.

PM Johnson under fire for response to racial abuse

It’s just not what we stand for and uk prime minister boris johnson also joined in the condemnation to those who have been directing racist abuse at some of the

players. I said shame on you and i hope you will crawl back under the rock from which you emerged. But the uk government happy to be associated with the team’s success

has faced calls of hypocrisy. England defender tyrone ming’s had this message for home secretary pretty patel writing on twitter.

You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labeling our anti-racism messages gesture politics and then pretend to be disgusted. When the very thing we’re campaigning against happens that after patel had publicly criticized players for taking a knee. I just don’t support you know people participating in. You know that type of gesture politics to a certain extent as well. Do you think they have the right outcomes did the england fans are right taboo.

PM Johnson under fire for response to racial abuse

Well that’s a choice for them quite frankly. Anti-racism campaigners say the governmen tmust bear some responsibility for how. Fans behave people remember that it’s all debatable that you don’t have to take the knee because the prime minister and the government don’t agree with it and so therefore you know somehow in their minds that also gives them some kind of freedom to be abusive. When it comes to to black players in particular in the meantime england’s players will continue to fight racism.

Charlotte this love affair between then england football team and the british government is it over even before it started. I think the government might have wanted to characterize it as a love affair. I mean the whole country was swept up by this team and their success in this tournament you did get members of the government including the prime minister posting pictures in england.

Supporting the team cheering them on. Watching the games. They really wanted to show that they were on board with this national moment. This

national pride in the success of the teams. I’m not sure necessarily though whether some of the players would call this a love affair. Whether that was a. They would consider it a mutual attraction.

That is clear from some of the tweets that you have had from players in the aftermath of

the racist abuse suffered by those three teammates. You heardvone of those statements in that report there and just to

reiterate tyrone ming’s. England player writing directing a tweet at the uk’s interior minister the home secretary here saying you don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labeling. Our anti-racism message is just a politics and then pretend to be disgusted by the very thing we’re

campaigning against extremely strong words from an english football player directed at the government.

One that’s resonated with a lot of people here. Even conservative politicians now are questioning how the uk government should respond to this a lot of them uh feeling very much that the government has been put in a very difficult embarrassing situation. You can imagine a lot of people have been rolling their eyes when they’ve heard comments coming from the prime minister what about the the public response to these racist tweets on social media what kind of backing are the players getting.

Well of course initially extremely fierce condemnations from all circles. Really you had prince william saying he was sickened by this racist abuse.

You had the football english football association condemning this just tweet after tweet condemning this racist abuse. What you’ve seen now though is just a complete outpouring of support for these players. Just look at what happened at the mural for one of those players marcus rashford. Today

was defaced police are investigating that since though it has been covered by hundreds of messages of support really moving images of children going down their writing notes.

Showing their support their pride in what the national team has achieved one. Message in particular directed at marcus rashford saying thank you for all of our dinner that’s pointing to the fact that this player marcus rashford not just known for his stance on racial injustice. But also social injustice as well. He’s led a campaign to feed children during school holidays. One that the

nation really did get behind so huge amount of outpouring love for mark of love for marcus rashford and these players. I’ve got 20 seconds charlotte we know the team was booed at first when it took a knee in protest against racism.

The booing was silenced after the tournament. So where are we now back at square one 20 seconds. Well i think that this instance incident shows that racism is still a problem and needs to be fought. But i think it will also give some a good deal of hope looking at the outpouring here. That the majority vast majority of this country stands against racism like this.


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