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UK supply crisis: Is Boris Johnson losing control?

A message from the UK government as the country grapples with a fuel supply crisis after a chaotic week that saw panic buying and fights at the pumps.


British ministers say the crisis is abating. But UK petrol retailers paint a different picture, they say more than a quarter of pumps are dry and less than half have both petrol and diesel huge queues have built up at the stations that have fuel with customers waiting hours to fill up. The backlog is clogging up roads and blocking traffic petrol. Retailers have warned that until adequate supplies are sent to stations the long queues will continue. But those supplies can only get to the pumps if there are enough truck drivers to bring them. Britain is suffering from a severe lack of drivers.


The industry says there may be a shortage of 100,000 because of a combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit it’s not just a fuel supply crisis. The country is dealing with supermarkets have seen empty shelves. Pharmacy supplies have been disrupted the pig industry says thousands of animals may need to be culled because of a lack of abattoir workers and energy supplies have gone out of business after gas prices soared. Everything all rolled into one makes it a massive problem for us.

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