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UK, U.S and Australia launch pact to counter China

Britain the U.S and Australia have launched a new defence and security partnership with plans to develop a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines for the Australian Navy. Boris Johnson says the project will be crucial in the protection of the allies shared interests in the Indo-pacific region But China quickly condemned what it called a cold war mentality.


Britain’s decision to send its aircraft carrier queen elizabeth and other warships to the pacific is proof of the growing strategic importance of the region. The UK U.S and Australia are all increasingly concerned about a more assertive. China hence the decision to step up their military cooperation and important enough for the leaders of all three countries to announce this new defence partnership orcas for short today They are taking another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all three of our nations and because they all recognize the imperative of ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-pacific over the long term.


They need to be able to address both the current strategic environment in the region and how it may evolve because the future of each of their nations and indeed the world depends on a free and open Indo-pacific enduring and flourishing in the decades ahead. As a start Britain and America will help Australia build a new fleet of nuclear-powered. But not nuclear-armed submarines Australia had originally asked France to help modernize its submarines. But that deal is now dead. It’s not yet clear how the work will be shared.


But Britain hopes it will boost its defence industry bae systems already builds the royal Navy’s submarines and rolls Royce the nuclear reactors though British officials insist. This defence partnership is not a response to any one country. But about stability and security in the Indo-pacific. It will not be welcomed by China.

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